2.0:A Journey to Success

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27 February,2024

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” — Lao Tzu

This is a success story of a girl belongs to a small town having big dreams in her eyes,proved that nothing matters from where you belong,if you have confidence and strong courage to achieve something in life.

The Present:

“Yesterday is gone.Tomorrow has not yet come.We have only Today.Let us begin” — Mother Teresa

Divya Chouhan , the founder and the brand ambassador of one of the finest clothing brand named “The Divazz”,is a successful entrepreneur who has started thinking of opening her own clothing brand in the year 2020.Coming up from an engineering background and then switching her mind towards learning Digital Marketing made realize her interest towards starting her own business that she never ever thought it before.In the year 2020,when the whole world is fighting with COVID-19 pandemic,she started finding her interest towards learning Digital Marketing from Digital Deepak,which was a great platform for her to decide her career and making her dreams come true.The great mentor Mr. Deepak Kankaraju,which was a life changing moments ,as those 3 months really transformed her into a person with visions and made her realize that everything is achievable,if we have strong will power.

Talking about her clothing brand, “The Divazz”,it is based on Indian as well as western styled cloths,designed by the best designers came from NIFT(National Institute of Fashion Technology)from all over India. The color and contrast of the attires can be customized according to the demand of the customers.Right now,30 Designers are working under her who are really high skilled in their designs.The attires can also be designed according to the theme of the functions.She has collaborated with variety of brands to design everything from swimsuits to jewellery. They are selling their brand cloths online.Having their designs available on various social sites such as Instragram & Facebook from where customers can directly order by clicking on the link provided. “The Divazz” has their collaborations with the topmost dealers in the country and there is huge potential for growth in the coming time. This entrepreneur’s career in fashion is just a beginning.

Shopping Closet …photo by pexels

Talking about her hobbies,she is a passionate blogger and a fashion influencer,who boast a cool 1M Instagram followers till now.Also,she loves travelling,singing and reading books.However,she is also a fitness freak ,tries to keep herself fit and maintain her good health as well.

The Past :

“It’s a waste of time to think that if you colored a painting red what might have happened if you painted it black” — Yoko Ono

Let’s go back into time and try to recollect the time when she was nothing.During her childhood days,she used to be very shy person.She did not have courage to stand in front of huge audience and talk about life.Lack of confidence in her made a laughing pot in front of her fellow mates.Things demotivated her all the time which made her frustrated.

I Found Hope …photo by pexels

But we all know,if we try to overcome anything in our life by putting just small efforts,it just fades away.

Fighting with all the sufferings,she was able to overcome her fears and she started participating in various ramp walks,however,earlier she did not have much confidence to walk on a big stage in front of huge audience.That was the time she got to discover her interest in clothing line,which did not stop her from starting her own clothing brand.

The Future:

“The future belongs to those who believes in the beauty of her dreams” — Elenor Roosevelt

As we all know Divya Chouhan is a person who never settles,she wants to expand her business worldwide.She wants to motivate people through social media and other means and wants to become an epitome among the youth to be successful even after having lots of discouragements and struggles. Divya is a person with lots of patience,which will make her grow more and reach wider audience through her digital skills.

“The Divazz”(Best Clothing Brand)

Disclaimer:The article is a part of Digital Deepak Internship Program.